The Sandusky Education Foundation was established in 2013 and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Officers who provide leadership to the foundation by giving generously of their time, treasure and talent.

Pictured left to right, back row: Dr. Eugene Sanders, James Hart, Ron Cantelli, Lou Schultz, John Schumm. Front row: Barb Hanck, Executive Director, Martha Murray, Judy Corso, Tessa Steinemann, Bill Pahl. Absent: David Amerine, Jeff Krabill.


First in the heart is the dream-
Then the mind starts seeking a way.
His eyes look out on the world,
On the great wooded world,
On the rich soil of the world,
On the rivers of the world.
The eyes see there materials for building,
See the difficulties, too, and the obstacles.
The mind seeks a way to overcome these obstacles.
The hand seeks tools to cut the wood,
To till the soil, and harness the power of the waters,
Then the hand seeks other hands to help,
A community of hands to help-
Thus the dream becomes not one man’s dream alone,
But a community dream.
Not my dream alone, but our dream,
Not my world alone,
But your world and my world,
Belonging to all the hands who build.

– Langston Hughes